Easter is a time of renewal. A time for new opportunities. Just as when God led the Israelites out of slavery to freedom, Easter leads us out for our old sinful ways of slavery to the world and leads us to enjoy the freedom of God’s children through renewal and personal growth. From the moment the Easter Candle is lite we are invited to follow God’s call to leave our old demons behind and walk through the waters of change to embrace a joy filled, loving way of live. Let us not allow the burdens of the past to prevent us from embracing the future.

Easter does not have all the worldly charm and outward show of Christmas because it aims to change our hearts. The Easter Candle enlightens us to new thinking about ourselves, our lifestyles and how we see and treat others. Easter calls us to let go of our pride and embrace humility, to let go of our selfishness and embrace charity, to let go of our anger and hate and embrace love and tolerance.

Let our hearts be open to God’s grace this Easter season, so that we may live in the glow of the Easter flame and not in the darkness of this world.  May the Easter flame enlighten every step we take this year, bring us closer to Christ Jesus and everyone we encounter.

God’s blessings upon you this Easter and throughout the year.

Happy and Blessed Easter.

Fr. Paul

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