Carleton Place/ Almonte Knights of Columbus
Contributing to our Communities

The overriding guiding principle of the Knights of Columbus is “ charity”. We are a “not for profit “ Catholic men’s organization dedicated to the notion that by working together in a fraternal and unified manner we can support disadvantaged people, charitable groups in our communities, and organizations that seek to improve life in our communities.

   As an example this past year, we contributed to the tornado disaster relief fund for Dunrobin and area. The Knights have supplied winter clothing for students in need in both Carleton Place and Almonte. We collaborated with Holy Name Of Mary parishioners to raise money for the Almonte Hospital Foundation drive to purchase advanced screening equipment for the hospital. 

  We are particularly concerned with supporting youth through specific activities including organizing free throw basketball events in our High Schools and organizing a subsidized bus trip to an Ottawa Senators game for school kids and their parents. We also supported a High School group which travelled to Nicaragua  to live and work with an impoverished community and a second group which travelled to a remote First Nation community to live and learn about their culture and society for a week. The Knights provide scholarships to deserving High School students.

   The Knights donated financially to both disadvantaged individuals and groups in our communities. As an example we have supported financially and donated Council members time and energy to support our Syrian families in Almonte and Carleton Place. Annually the Knights contribute financially to the Arthritis Society.

    We raise money in a variety of ways most especially by putting on Parish breakfasts, steak dinners, roast beef dinners, pasta evenings, school BBQs, garage sales etc: if you are a practising Catholic gentlemen, at least 18 years of age, and you have some time (no matter how little time) and you are interested in spending time with like minded men please consider joining us. You will not regret your decision. Please contact Jim Moore at 613-256-5375 or email at

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