We Are All Called and Chosen

We all have gifts from God, and we are all called to serve one another through our Baptism. We do not always recognize how or even where to begin. As with most of us, we find it difficult to believe that we have something to share. But we do! When we are willing to share a piece of ourselves with others, our gifts unfold, and we, as well as others, benefit in ways that only God knows and directs.


Being a parishioner means being present and walking with others on the journey of faith. Attend our liturgical celebrations not only on Sunday, but for our special liturgies throughout the year, some of these include school Masses, memorial Masses for deceased parishioners, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil.

Attend times of fellowship. Besides praying together, Jesus and the disciples were frequent guests to weddings, dinners and social gatherings. Coffee Sundays and Parish social events are opportunities for us to get to know each other better and grow in friendship.

Join In

You are invited and warmly encouraged to take an active part in your Parish Community, in particular, to embrace our mission of “living the fullness of Christian life by virtue of Baptism, Confirmation and the perfection of love.”  Joining in also means active participation in the liturgies; singing, praying, responding and being attentive. Connecting with those who sit around you in the pews helps to create a familial atmosphere. Remember that a smile and a hearty “hello” goes a long way to make a new parishioner or visitor feel welcome and at home among us.


Giving of one’s time and livelihood are the hallmarks of belonging to a community. We invite each person to participate with one project, join one committee or serve in one ministry in any given year.

Also, as you are able, contributing financially to the Parish goes a long way in helping to build up and sustain our various ministries, outreach projects and facilities and is an indication that you belong to our family of faith and you want to see it grow and succeed.