How to Donate to Holy Name of Mary Parish

Your donations to our Parish help us to continue the work begun in the early 1800s when our forefathers shared their Catholic faith here in what was then called Shipman Mills. The came together to worship, to pray, to celebrate, to socialize and help one another in difficult times.

Your donations continue that legacy by helping us provide for the celebration of Masses (in the church, in longterm care facilities and in retirement residences), to offer worship services, comfort to the sick, and faith programs, inspire our youth, do outreach work in the community and maintain our beautiful church by paying for salaries and supplies, various expenses (such as heat, insurance, taxes) and repairs and upgrades.

You can donate to Holy Name of Mary Parish on a weekly or monthly basis using donate envelopes, e-Transfers or PayPal. You can also give a donate to our Parish through the United Way Workplace Campaign or by Leaving a Legacy in your will.  Remember that stewardship is part of our faith calling. We are all responsible for sharing the gifts that we have been give from God with our brothers and sisters; spreading the Good News, feeding the hungry and visiting the sick.

Donation Envelopes

Donation envelopes are available from the Parish Office or at the entrances of the church. Please compete the registration form if you pick up envelopes in the church.

New envelopes for the next year are ready for pick-up in December. A tax receipt for your annual contributions will be issued in February.


e-Transfers can be competed through your bank by sending the donation to e-Transfers are convenient, simple to use and inexpensive. However they are one time transfers and must be repeated weekly or monthly, similar to using envelopes.


Donating via PayPal is an easy and convenient way to donate regularly to Holy Name of Mary Parish. The money is automatically withdrawn from your chosen payment option and you are notified by PayPal at the time of the transaction. No more need to write cheques or find cash and no more forgotten envelopes at home. There is no charge for you to use this service.

To make one-time, recurring, or special donations, click HERE.

United Way Workplace Campaign

United Way donations at your place of employment can be directed to Holy Name of Mary Building Fund. Our charitable registration information: Holy Name of Mary Parish. Registered Charity number: 12896 7353 RR0091. Tax receipts will be issued by the United Way. Thank you in advance for your support!

Leaving a Legacy in Your Community

Making a Difference in the Lives that Follow

As a Faith Community, many rely upon us for spiritual nourishment, to teach children, give guidance to youth, preserve our history, console the grieving, visit the sick, welcome new members, reconcile the sinner, instill hope, joy and love.

Yet none of this can happen without you.

As a Church, we rely solely upon parishioners like you who give generously of their time, talent and treasure throughout their lives to meet the needs of those who call upon us.
Yet did you know that by including a charitable gift in your will, you will help to continue our work well into the future? You can continue to make a difference in the lives that follow.
When people are in need or hurting, you help. Your charitable gift touches those in need today. Our Parish Community touch the future. Together we create the vision for a better world. Our work and the lives we will touch, will be your legacy.

Whether you think of yourself as well off or poor, or somewhere in between, your gift will make a difference. Even a small amount can have a big impact over time.
Your planned gift will help future generations seek and find God in our beloved Parish Community, just as you have, until we all meet in Christ and are together forever.

For more information about planned giving and leaving a legacy, please contact the Parish Office.