The Archdiocese of Ottawa and its parishes are working together to help understand what practices help parishes grow and what can be done to help every parish in the archdiocese flourish and become more alive.

The Flourishing Congregations Survey is one of the tools that has been chosen in order to better understand how parishioners feel about their specific parish. The survey is run by the Flourishing Congregations Institute at Ambrose University in Calgary and is completely anonymous and free.  The survey better helps parishes understand some of the areas that may need to be looked at to allow the parish to grow and become more healthy.

I would invite all adult parishioners to take the time to complete the survey. With at least 50% participation the survey would generate individual results, specific to our parish. The survey must be completed on line by the end of November. If more than one person completes the survey on the same computer, the computer’s cookies (cache) needs to be cleared before the next person can complete the survey.

The survey takes about 20 minutes and can be completed by clicking on the link below. Thank-you for your participation and for taking the time to help our parish community flourish.

The survey can be completed at

For more information about the Flourishing Congregations Institute or about the survey please visit then at



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